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Commercial Leasing

At the New York City-based law firm of Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, our lawyers regularly represent high-profile landlords and tenants in retail, office, shopping center and industrial property leases as well as negotiating and drafting lease extensions, amendments and negotiations in connection with lease disputes. With extensive experience in various markets, from small spaces to entire buildings, we can guide you through every phase of your leasing transaction.

Commercial leasing is a specialized area of practice in which potential long-term relationships are created between a landlord and tenant. A commercial lease encompasses numerous legal and business terms that must be carefully crafted to accurately reflect the agreed terms of the deal and include the necessary protections to minimize disputes during the lease term. Our experience and knowledge of commercial leasing also allows us to protect against potential future issues that may arise based upon specific provisions of the lease document and changes in the law to minimize exposure. While disputes may arise regardless of how a lease is drafted, it is our goal to minimize the risks associated with any potential disputes and provide guidance to our clients in an efficient manner to protect their rights and achieve their objectives It is with this in mind that we zealously advocate for our clients’ rights in connection with our representation in lease negotiations.