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Lawyers Who Understand Mechanic’s Liens Issues

Mechanic’s liens (called construction liens in some jurisdictions) are claims made upon real property. In order to help construction professionals recover compensation for materials and services.

As mechanic’s liens can adversely impact the ownership of property, we will guide clients on available remedies.

The Issues Mechanic’s Liens Present

Our attorneys help owner-developers review, prepare and file the necessary documentation. We will assist concerning the bonding, discharge and foreclosure of the liens. Our representation includes the following services:

  • Guidance regarding the rights of our client
  • Assuring compliance with statutory requirements
  • Filing liens with the correct agency or court and meeting all the necessary filing deadlines
  • Renewing and foreclosing upon liens
  • Filing of satisfaction notices regarding lien removal
  • Helping those we represent obtain lien bonds that guarantee payment of the mechanic’s lien
  • Securing the discharge of the lien
  • Assisting in the removal of the lien from the property
  • Initiating a construction lien foreclosure proceeding
  • Preparation of final and partial waivers of liens

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