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Careful Preparation Of Construction Industry Contracts

Well-written provisions in a construction contract can prevent legal issues from arising. At Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, our attorneys are knowledgeable concerning every aspect of a construction project. We routinely review, negotiate and draft construction contracts. In doing so, we always advocate for the best interests of the owner-developers we represent.

At Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, our mission is to reduce the risk our clients face when contracting with another party. Due to our knowledge and experience, we identify such risks and minimize the exposure our clients may face.

Examples Of Contract Issues

Our New York City-based construction contract lawyers assist owner-developers with all aspects of construction contracts and design and development agreements. Some of our major practice areas include:

  • Negotiating construction contracts. The understanding of the construction industry our lawyers bring helps in the timely identification of potential construction and design issues.
  • Drafting contracts. We do not prepare boiler-plated documentation. As there is no such thing as a “typical” construction project, we prepare contracts with our client’s specific situation in mind. We address all significant concerns that could lead to litigation. We draft provisions that make clear the rights and responsibilities of the contracting parties.
  • Reviewing and revising contracts. When reviewing contracts prepared by other parties, we always adhere to what is in the best interest of our client. This allows for the creation of a contract that is fair, enforceable and makes business sense.
  • Litigating contract disputes. We resolve disputes that may arise during the performance of the contract. Our lawyers will negotiate with other parties to prevent disputes from delaying construction projects. We represent our clients’ interests at dispute resolution board hearings. Whether it concerns litigation or alternative dispute resolution, we work toward minimizing expenses. We will take the necessary steps to resolve the case efficiently and effectively. As experienced litigators, we are always ready to represent our clients in the courtroom. This includes providing representation at the appellate level.

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