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The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) governs multiple aspects of the construction industry. It enacts regulations, investigates alleged violations, conducts disciplinary proceedings, and has broad powers to issue fines and stop work at construction sites.

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What Is Regulated by the Department of Buildings?

The DOB has broad jurisdiction over the filing of plans, approvals of designs and project work, and all aspects of project safety. The DOB also is in charge of permitting, licensing and investigating violations of building codes and other laws.

Recent crane accidents and other construction-related incidents have led to extensive new DOB regulations governing site safety for construction workers and the public. Construction professionals must be educated regarding these new requirements.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Our firm assists our clients with matters such as:

  • Educating construction industry professionals about the frequent changes to DOB regulations
  • Helping clients understand their compliance responsibilities
  • Representing clients at hearings and helping them respond to notices of violation
  • Helping clients file the required notices of compliance/correction after receiving a notice of violation
  • Advising clients about how the DOB operates
  • Assisting clients in getting DOB stop-work orders modified and lifted
  • Assisting with issues arising out of disputes involving adjoining property owners

Understanding how to prevent problems is one of the hallmarks of our legal practice. Our construction contracts carefully address compliance with all DOB regulations and requirements. As a result, clients are better able to avoid delays that are both costly and can interfere with the timely completion of projects.

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