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Many Owner/Developers in today’s evolving construction marketplace are billed as “Integrated Construction” companies, capable of performing the dual roles of owner/developer and construction manager/general contractor.  This approach continues to grow in popularity, and with it, presents both significant benefits and unique challenges for these companies.

At Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, our extensive experience working with Integrated Construction companies enable us to effectively work with our clients, their partners and lenders to create contracts that are responsive to the practical and “real world” requirements of the development, design and construction process, while at the same time able to minimize our client’s potential exposure on both individual projects and to the company’s portfolio.

Comprehensive Project Delivery Services

One of the major benefits of construction by an Integrated Construction company is the cooperative relationship fostered among the Owner/Developer and its trade contractors.  By electing to disregard the traditional, vertical Owner-Construction Manager-Subcontractor approach, Integrated Construction companies are able to negotiate base contract and change order work directly with subcontractors, and realize cost savings based on monies that would otherwise be paid to an unrelated construction manager.  The omission of a third party construction manager from a project also serves to streamline the communication process, and minimize delay claim arguments that are often present in the Owner/Construction Manager relationship.  Use of an Integrated Construction company also enhances the coordination of the design and construction process, with the design and construction teams all operating through a central party with a working knowledge of what is required of each participant.

Some of the unique challenges to successfully performing as an Integrated Construction company is assigning the proper development and construction roles amongst various entities, putting in place proper insurance to adequately cover all interested parties, and creating advantageous corporate structuring which properly takes into account the various roles undertaken.

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