New York City Lawyers — Mechanic’s Liens

The law provides a powerful tool to contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals and others who have not been paid for work performed or materials delivered to a construction project. Mechanic’s liens (known as “construction liens” in the state of New Jersey) are a statutory claim against real property and provide a method to recover payment for labor or materials.

Mechanic’s liens negatively impact property ownership, and we often assist owners in advising them of their rights and available remedies when a mechanic’s lien is filed for failure to pay. At the New York City law firm of Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, our lawyers provide assistance with all aspects of mechanic’s liens. For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact us online.

New York City Mechanic’s Liens Attorneys With Experience and Knowledge

Our law firm has been providing legal services to the construction industry since 1919. We have both filed and defended against countless mechanic’s liens, ranging greatly in value. We have also helped many owners, developers and general contractors discharge liens. Our significant knowledge of and experience with mechanic’s liens in New York and construction liens in New Jersey allow us to assist our clients and successfully navigate the process, however complex it may become.

Issues With Mechanic’s Liens

Our legal services can be as straightforward as helping a contractor or subcontractor prepare and file the required paperwork, or as extensive as assisting with the discharge, bonding or foreclosure of the liens. Our advice and advocacy for clients include services such as:

  • Counseling clients about their options and their rights
  • Discussing the statutory requirements and deadlines for filing, renewing and/or foreclosing upon liens
  • Preparing and filing the lien with the appropriate court or agency; also filing satisfaction notices to remove liens
  • Assisting our clients in obtaining lien bonds, which guarantee payment of a mechanic’s lien and thereby secure its discharge
  • Helping owners and contractors remove liens from properties
  • Undertaking construction lien foreclosure proceedings
  • Drafting partial and final waivers of liens and releases

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