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Attorneys Who Understand Design, Construction and Development Agreements

At the New York City-based law firm of Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, we represent owner-developers in all matters related to design, construction and development agreements. We negotiate, draft, review and revise the agreements that govern the performance of their work, as well as help to resolve disputes arising from design professional agreements.

The attorneys at Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP, provide sound advice and vigorous advocacy in areas such as:

  • Design Professional Agreements: Our attorneys are well-versed in the design process and the role of the design professional in all construction phases. Our agreements reflect those understandings and lead to more efficient administration of a project.
  • Construction Contracts: We negotiate and produce documents that are fair and balanced. Among our primary goals is to mitigate risks and protect our clients from future litigation; our contracts are always developed with these objectives in mind.
  • Construction Contracts and Disputes FAQs: Our construction law attorneys have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding construction contracts and disputes. We encourage you to contact our New York City construction law firm to discuss your specific situation in a consultation.

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